Saturday, 19 December 2015

I'm Proud Of You

Hello, my child
How have you been doing lately
Are you doing your work
Are you working hard
What’s the matter, my child
Are you not feeling well
Why, you’re crying, you’re crying
Please do not cry
Oh, come here, my child
Tell me what’s wrong

You’re not doing so well
Does life seem to be rough
That you’re nothing in the world
That you’re a failure in all
Don’t say that, my child
You are no failure to me
I’m proud of you my child
For all that you’ve done so far
I know how hard you try
You’ve done your very best

Sure, you could have done better
Sure, others have done better
But you can’t fault yourself on that
Hindsight is cruel when you think like that
It stings the sights of the past
And shakes your path to the future
But in the now, you should be calm
You should look to your options
You are capable of surmounting this
I know you are, my child

You feel so tired, so alone, so scared
That all your efforts are in vain
That you have no lover to hold dear
And tell your worries away
But you still have loved ones, my child
You still have people that can help
Don’t feel so bad about this hurdle
You can still get over in time
Believe me when I say this
I’m proud of you, my child

I know how tough the world is
That it asks so much and takes so much
As the years go by and you mature as well
The demands grow more each hour that goes
I know you’ve had it rough before
And that now it just seems to be rougher
But don’t think all you’ve done is a waste
Just because you can’t get over this bump
You’ve gotten so far, my child
You can still go farther

If you want to rest right now
In my arms so warm
As if you were newborn again
Then you can do so, my child
And I’ll tell you good memories
Of when you were young
Of all that you’ve done so far
And all that can do
Good night my dear child
I’m so proud of you

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