Saturday, 1 February 2014

How About That Resolution?

I don't know if I should count this as one of the 52 (make that 51) that I promised I would do, but for the sake of convenience I will. And yes it is my convenience because a self-imposed goal has self-imposed rules that can be bent if self-imposed. This might change in the future if all of a sudden I'm writing like mad and I zip past the blog limit. Though if that were to happen, I suppose I would have a creative piece done as well. I guess it's better to just call this an update. This update is to inform you on a few matters. Mainly that since I'm writing for other places and I'm creating some more "original" content on those sites, in a way I'm fulfilling the amount of blogs I want to make, but just not doing it here. The idea is that I have 52 or more entries that I consider worthy of calling an entry. You can see why I would be skeptical of calling this one an entry. The other thing is that I have life to attend to. Now, I haven't been bugged around by life too much. It'll occasionally tap my shoulder and ask me for something, and I'll do it, but it won't hassle me. Life this time though is deciding to drag me by the hairs and do things. Coupled with previous issues that I've said have restricted the number of blogs on here, I'm basically in a worse situation than I was before. It's making me think that making this resolution was a factor of bad timing. While it may seem that way, I think the best way to look at it is that the start of the year will be slow, but the train will come chugging forward at full speed later on. That's hoping it still wants to chug. I still want to do this resolution and I want to make sure I have content enough to satisfy you as a reader and to satisfy myself. Plus, I figure I should go through with it.


Boy, this seems a bit short for a blog entry. I might as well think of something to do...OH! Since I know that you guys would be willing to help me on my quest to accomplish my resolution, would you be willing to ask me anything and have me answer it for kicks? Wait, no, this isn't Tumblr. Plus, asking for questions is usually a sign that you're incredibly bored...shit, what else could I's a few pictures I made over the years.

Blacula's Charm


Kornheiser News 1

Kornheiser News 2

Kornheiser News 3 (Or Faux News As Usual)


Okay...that's a few things I got to keep you going. I guess I can also show you this cover for a story. Considering everything I've just told you I'm not sure when it'll come out, but I have ideas for it. Yes I do.