Saturday, 14 November 2015

Rebranding For The Desk Pile Blogstravaganza!

Yo, yo guys! How has it been? I know it's been like forever since I last posted anything. To make up for it, I've decided to finally get the blog looking more spiffy. Which I did for a while but since it's been dead as shit here, I can't blame any of you for not seeing the beauty that is the renovations. Basically changed the background, the header fonts and my profile. Not big changes, I know, but they make the blog a hell of a lot more "professional", no? The change really came about the fact that my Tumblr is called The Desk Of DryChris and I hardly post writing on the The Desk of DryChris because I do my blogging on The Den Of DryChris. For consistency sake, I've changed only the name of the blog to The Desk Of DryChris and kept the URL as the same as before because it'd be kind of a hassle if I change it, and plus I like the sentimentality of the URL. That and it explains the following event.

So I bet you're wondering what the shit is The Desk Pile Blogstravaganza? The Desk Pile Blogstravaganza is basically going to be a whole month of my blogs. Yeah. That's right. A whole month. And this time, I'm gonna be smart about it. Rather than make yet another empty promise on my blog, I've decided that if I want to make this a real event, I gotta prepare for it like it is an event. Which basically means that I factored in the variables. I have school. School is going to make me a very busy beaver. If I get lucky, I can make something that can become a blog of a considerable length. Once I'm done with that, then I stack that sucker up on a pile until I figured that the pile has been collecting far too much dust and needs to go. Now this might make things a bit uncomfortable if my stream of content dies down afterwards, but at least I want to give you folks a spontaneous explosion before I revert to my faulty water sprinkler rate of content.