Friday, 3 January 2014

The New Year's Resolution For This Blog

So we begin with a new year and I gotta say, that's good because I need to have something that can refresh this whole damn thing. See, I know that I haven't been able to make as many blogs as I wanted to in the year. I also know that there's things that you guys are in the dark about. And by you guys I mostly mean Dark Side because I think he's the only dedicated reader of the crap that I post here. So why do I lay out the program better now that the year has started.

First, a re-introduction. I'm DryChris. Amateur VA, actor, dice collector, writer, etc. I run this blog by myself I just post the things that I can, when I can. Lately I've been more active in places like Twitter (@GameJudgeTPS) and Tumblr (The Desk Of DryChris), though I also write for Teh Pwn Shop ( and I have a Wattpad ( for more creative works . I used to write for a site called Screwattack, but then I faded out of there, and I guess that came at the cost of alienating myself from a lot of cool folks who I used to write with. Then again, I did a shit job of really communicating with other people since I seemed to jump from site to site, making whatever acquiantances I could and getting swept up in thoughts, sites, and all other kinds of shit. I mainly did that because I much rather write in a better environment, and one that wasn't too limited. Screwattack was a gaming site, and I didn't always write about games. They had their successes, sure, but it felt better to make my own blog, hence this is why this is here. I don't really know my audience, and I'd certainly like to know who else is reading instead of guessing, but what can I do?

I forgot to mention that I fuck around Photoshop. A lot.

This blog has a very few amount of entries, I'm aware of that. Last year was the most active and even then it was just by one extra. Among those entries are things I'm proud of, and other things that I'm not. Hell, there's a few of those posts that were also posted on TPS, Screwattack, and Destructoid (along with another site). So for the most part this is kind of a collection of my writing work with the rare blog that is simply intended for this one and this one only. Among those posts is my most viewed blog entry which seems to be this one because I guess I struck a cord with other film noir enthusiasts.

I can talk more about the blog's history, but I want to get down to brass tacks and talk about its future. See, something that peeves me in general is that I have a lot in my mind, but it doesn't show at times that I do. Obviously it's because I have real life to attend to, but it's also a combination of procrastination, crashing from putting too much in my mind and most of all, motivation. Now I know I can't get it by begging people to look at my work, that shit doesn't fly. What I can do is maybe set a little goal of my own for the new year. And that goal is this.

By the end of 2014, I will have made a minimum of 52 blogs that are either reviews, interviews or miscellaneous pieces that delve into some topic.

That should be about one for each week of the year. It's certainly nothing as groundbreaking as the amount of blogs posted by a single person in other venues, but keep in mind that I've got life to deal with. That and I might have a story idea that goes to Wattpad. Or if the stars allign properly, I might have a video that goes to my Youtube channel (GameJudge). I'd rather try to aim for that minimum than try to go any more overboard. Also, some of the new ones might be on TPS and somewhere else, which might make this cheating, but I consider it "getting my work out there." As for length, I'll just try to make it a decent length so that it counts, but if I post something short, I won't count it. That will at least be good enough to keep this place relevant. This one doesn't count at all, of course, unless I make the limit 53 and say that I have 52 left. Some months you might get more posts, some you might get less, maybe you might not get anything at all. But my goal is simply to hit 52, not do one each week.

I don't know about the far future, but here's what you can expect sometime soon:

  • A quick little blurb about movies I've seen recently
  • A long overdue entry
  • A two-parter list (which I'll count as one blog)
  • A topic piece
That's all I got for now, so happy new year to you all and I hope you enjoy yourself! If you want to say anything to me, feel free to do it on my Twitter, Tumblr or even here. I'd love to hear anything that you feel about this. 

I certainly will need it.

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