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An Interview With Imaperson

Imaperson. A username of such sheer simplicity for a pooper with such an intricate style. He has over 8000 subscribers and is known for his "hardcore" style of pooping, which relies on fast-paced editing, lots of ear-rape, collage clusters and rock and roll music. His most notable video is SUPER DUPER SUPER MEN, which showcases his running gag of Dog Fashion Disco's Silent Film "dun da dun" along with the neck-moving guy. Imaperson often uses ManWith10Toes, Looney Tunes cartoons, One Stormy Night, CD-I, and Aladdin (along with more) in his videos, and has also had part with the "Don't forget your umbrella" and "Aladdin raising his eyebrows quickly" running gags as well. Recently I trekked through the snow fields to the other side of the Great White North to get in touch with Mr. Imaperson.

First off, tell me a bit about yourself...

I am currently 21 years old and residing in Canada. I've been spending most of my life with music, acting, and writing. I recently graduated from a 2 year course in Film (on and off screen) and have been working towards pursuing it as a career lately.

What got you into YTP?

My brother and I had gotten into Angry Video Game Nerd at the time around 2007, and I remember I wanted to watch any video I could find from him. I searched "AVGN", kept scrolling through videos and eventually came across something I've never seen before. The video is called "YouTube Poop: AVGN SAVES THE WORLD"

I really enjoyed the concept of taking material and basically messing about with it, so it got me into making my own. I only intended on making a few and leaving it at that, as I wasn't too big on YTP to spend much time on it. As the next year arrived, I remember coming across a video that completely had me on the floor laughing. The video is called "ROBOTNIK EATS HIS OWN VAGINA"

I've never seen anything like it at the time and I found myself enjoying the more absurd, spastic style of poop. This is what got me into making YTP fully, as I was developing my own style from there throughout the years into what I am today! What also got me into YTP was just the collective creativeness of what the community had to offer. I definitely wanted to stick around for that.

Who would you say are your inspirations for making YTP?

MeiAIDS definitely played a big part in inspiring me. Others that vastly inspired me along the way were YTPSource (known as TheChutley now), Mr. Tennek, MasterGwonam, JakeSteel0121, SkyGuy16, deckman92, TimAJH, rapskallionxyz, passstrengthnull and SergeantBacon. I still enjoy them to this day! Even then, I have even more inspirations for making YTP from poopers like Avojaifnot, HaHaHound, Revfirst, Stuart K Reilly and just much more. Poopers who make me laugh or impress me with their videos are pretty much my inspiration. A good person as a whole helps a lot, too.

How do you usually go about making a YTP?

If I have an idea for a YTP, I base it off of a single source I've been enjoying a lot when I start off. As I move on with that source, I find another source that I feel has a good transistion/flow to it. That way, I can gather a lot of different sources together. As for all the music that goes into one, that all comes from "feeling" as well. It always depends on what is actually happening in a segment, like metal playing over a distorted spastic scene and so forth. The intention I have when I go about making a YTP is to make it like an experimental song of some sort, such as going through different emotions.

What things do you like seeing in a YTP and what don't you like to see?

The key thing I like to see in a YTP is fun. I like seeing how creative it can be, and getting a lot out of it that induces a need for multiple viewings. There's not much I don't like to see in a YTP because I find myself enjoying low-quality humor and horrible execution as much as I do the opposite of those. If there's anything I'm not too fond of, it's the sense of redundancy being used incorrectly like too much of a running gag and just unspired usage of sources that could have much more potential (this is why I'm embarassed to even watch through the second half of my own video, "SUPER DUPER SUPER MEN"!!!)

How do you view yourself in the YTP community?

I feel grateful to even be where I am in the YTP community. I've always been making YTPs for myself and not what everyone would like to see me do. With that, I get a lot of satisfaction of people even enjoying my videos, being inspired and creating their own works! I view myself as "accomplished" in the community in the sense that I'm still doing what I love to do, and more importantly, helping others along the way and having a grand time! I never thought I'd be one of the poopers who would end up  influencing others and even being called things like "incredible" and "legendary" and the like...let alone with doing something on the side compared to big projects like writing and music I have been working on. I'm very thankful for all of this, and it makes me happy.

Which YTP are you most proud of?

Even though I just released it, I am the most proud of "VIVIAN LISTENS TO RED WHILE FUCKSTONE LOSES HIS HEAD". That video I felt like I had the most fun and creativity with. It was also one of the only videos where I felt extremely exhilarated during its production, even in times of depression. I went through a lot of emotions while making this, and I think it shows. I even had a pretty serious and bizarre moment in this poop. The day when I was working on this one section with Colin and Mei - - was also on the day my cousin passed away too young from cancer. So I had this weird uplifting/comedic feeling - can't take it too seriously with Colin missing half of his limbs flying around screaming "NICE PANTS!!!!" - that I had implemented during that moment. So with this whole video, I feel like I had the best sense of where I was and what I was doing with it. I'm proud with the final result.

Another video that comes very close to this is "The Ultimate Hoip Of Hoips: Fern's Christmas Party", which was also very fun to make the whole way through. Other YTPs of mine that I consider to be my favorites are "GASTON GETS CHUTLEY DISEASE", "Mei Goes For a Super Duper Wacky Horny Laddie Men Walk 2", "SUPER HORNY LADDIE 3", and "MIKEWITH10ERICS".

What YTPs do you consider your favorites?

"Orel Puppington Sings The No Children Song That Ends The Church" by avojaifnot
"JAWSUS (THERE IS NO TIME)" by MasterGwonam
"Kuromi注意 No.-6031 SIMPLY Dr. Robotnik" by rapskallionxyz
"SHANA EATS A BLACK DUCK" by CommanderGwonam
"Mrs. Bucket sexually harasses anthropomorphic animals" by MeiAIDS
"Frollo goes to Hell, Michigan" by Whelt
"PUT THE BOOK DOWN!!!!!!! PART 9: THE SPINOFF" by TheChutley
"U.R. Ruud" by SkyGuy16
"Dr. Wily is a Filthy Old Man" by TimAJH
"Zack Talks About His Scrotum" by Drasdic
"Bison and the Gay Niggaloo" by RevSecond
"Shine On You Crazy Bill - Part I" - by AbsoluteBillion
"Drugs Bunny's Parental Guidance System" by Stuart K Reilly
"22@" by SergeantBacon
"Dave Mustaine's anal prolapse destroys 800 Wayne Bradys while Hitler moves the glow" by jamesdeth
"Simon's Final Confession: Simon Bakes A Goat Pie With A Hint Of Batman Grease" by DaKooperPooperALT
"Mike's Unanticipated Reality Check" by HaHaHound

What would you like to say to aspiring poopers?

Don't hold back, make sure to always have fun and don't stress out too much over it. Oh and don't be a jerk. That's important, too. Unless the opposite really does make you happy...

Before we end this, is there anything else you'd like to say?

Thank you for this wonderful interview! Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this! And thank you all of civilization that have gotten me inducted into the 1997 YTP Hall Of Fame in Moralton, Statesota.

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